I have been making and using natural medicines since I was a young girl with my Mama. Then around 2003, on the Big Island of Hawaii, I found a deep love and calling to make nature flower essences (natural remedies for the emotional, mental, spiritual aspects of ourselves). In 2010 I made an online store with all my essences. Recently, I reconstructed it into a hub or library of knowledge (Roselena Alchemy) to focus on creating Custom Blends, educating practitioners, and depending on time of year, creating small batches of limited edition potions, essences, mists and more! 


These are wonderful, individualized Nature Flower Essence remedies made just for you, a friend or family member. Nature Flower Essences, different from essential oils or aromas, are subtle yet powerful remedies for the energetic or emotional body. Special vibrational remedies to naturally support the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies- through re-balancing and awakening evolution.

For more detailed information visit Roselena Alchemy).

My keen potion intuition is able to choose what essences would be good for you, how it could affect you, and how often to take it. You can get a custom blend of an internal essences or custom mist with both essences and essential oils to be used externally.


When she is not out traveling and has products in stock, or makes small batches of limited edition tinctures, mists, essences, and oils that you can find here: