Shaela’s readings offer a doorway beyond the veil. Here she connects with visions, benevolent guides, spirits, ancestors and part of the self from the past and future. Shaela facilitates receiving insight and perspective beyond everyday life that can release the limitation of the 3-D realm for greater understanding about health, relationships, blocks and resistance to the experiences in life that we desire.

Shaela can also connect with loved ones already passed from our current life and ancestors that have preceded us. Greater perspective on the lives of others can bring deep healing and forgiveness for the intellectual mind to comprehend from the larger perspective. In addition, very often playful, wise nature, celestial spirits and beings make appearances bearing wisdom and insight from the earthly and cosmic realms reminding us of the abiding wisdom that connects us to the larger world and multiverse.

Oracle readings from the deck of the Imaginable:

This is quite amazing: Shaela Noella picks an imaginary card or a card that is blank on one-side. 

She sees imagery and begins to relay the messages depicting what she is seeing. 

Song Spirit Medicine Readings:

Song Spirit Medicine Readings:

These readings can be very profound or vast. Shaela Noella always begins each session with an offering of song to open and connect with the spirit world, and benevolent compassionate helping spirit guides; in the name of the highest good for all beings everywhere.  She then relays what she hears and sees. You can ask any questions and direct the session to cover a variety of topics. At any point during the session Shaela might sing again to feel her connection to the spirit world, and she always ends in song to offer gratitude to the spirit helpers and support integration of the information. 

What kind of spirit guides show up? It really depends on who she is working with; but she always sings to connect with benevolent compassionate helping spirits; they come in many forms: Angels, Spirit Animals, Ancestors, Guiding Stars, the Higher Self of you or a loved one, deceased loved ones, Light beings, Love beings – and so many more possibilities .

Readings can focus on one topic or include all topics. It is important to be specific if you do not want to address certain topics or if you want to focus on just one (For example someone that doesn’t believe in past lives would not want to go over such topics, where other people might want to spend the whole session for a past life reading). If you want to cover all topics, a few sessions may be needed. This depends on the person, their guides, and how much information comes through. Sometimes people receive very short and simple messages and sometimes very elaborate details or layers to sift through.

TOPICS that can be addressed, or come through, in a Song Spirit Medicine Session are:

General information and Insight: Shaela Noella will share with you what she sees and hears. You can ask any questions.

Life or Soul Purpose: Shaela Noella can contact your helping spirits and relay the information she hears about your life, or soul, purpose as well as steps to live in alignment with your purpose, truest calling, or help discover what your true calling is.

Connection with a loved one in the Spirit World: Upon your request she will contact a passed loved one. If they are available to speak and if you feel a resonance with the connection, then you can all proceed. It is very rare that a connection with a loved one does not occur through Shaela, but if the connection doesn’t resonate you have the option to end the session early and only be charged for time spent. If you want to focus solely on this topic, click here.

Body/Health Scan: Ask your angels and spirit guides, through Shaela Noella, to illuminate energetic imbalances that are speaking through your physical body or causing pain or disease. Health issues can be complex, and sometimes it’s helpful to get perspective of the variant energetics that can lead to discomfort. Shaela Noella is here to offer a compassionate ear, and support from the spirit world. Shaela Noella can focus on a specific part of the body or scan from head to toe and let you know what she sees happening energetically, or contributing to the physical health issues from emotional, mental and spiritual energetics and/or ancestral patterning.

There could be natural remedies or suggestions offered to research but It is important that the information is not in place of your Dr’s advice, and that you take full responsibility in whatever actions you take in your health.

Ancestor Healing: Shaela Noella can see into experiences of our ancestors and how they could have passed down imprints, memories, feelings, behaviors and experiences. These readings help identify the stories and offer healing energies, or practices to help clear or re-pattern unhelpful patterning, so we can honor our ancestors , live more fully, and freely be ourselves.

Past Life Healing: The modality Shaela Noella uses to access past lives was taught to her by spirit guides. She offers songs to helping, compassionate, benevolent spirit guides to open and create the container, and then follows a golden (or usually golden colored) thread from the back side of the belly button to the past. As she is doing this she is asking the guides to illuminate lives, or parts of lives that have had a powerful impact. If there are wounds as a result of the impact; then how to heal them.

Soul Retrieval:Through different life choices, proclamations or traumas, our soul or parts of ourself can be located in other parts of this world, in different dimensions or with other people.  Soul Retrievals can help call back fragments of ourselves so we can live more fully. It’s often best to prepare for such work so that you can integrate well; thus it’s more likely in a Song Spirit Medicine session we would identify what the soul retrieval needed is and talk about the preparation for a Soul Retrieval session.  Yet there are always unique situations- where they could happen in a Song Spirit Medicine session. If you are already identified with wanting a Soul Retrieval Session; it is recommended to first book a short; preparation and introduction for a Soul Retrieval session with me here, or a Song Spirit Medicine Session (below) if you have other topics you want to discuss.

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: No matter who you’re speaking with in your life—friends, mentors, guides, strangers, etc—you still have FREE WILL and it is important that you are also able to use discernment and see what resonates for you in all situations. It is important that everyone who works with Shaela Noella take responsibility for their own choices, and actions. Therefore there is a waiver to be read and signed before working with her. Most all of the information that comes through her (unless stated otherwise) in sessions are channeled from a higher source, yet none of it should be used in place of physical or mental medical care from an authorized medical professional.

When working with Shaela, or with anyone, it can be healthy to take time to sit with things, or do some research on some of the information before acting. It’s important to take responsibility for yourself in regards to these sessions as well as any situation in your life. Blaming others for your choices puts you in a place of disempowerment. Making choices with from a place of resonance, and education is self empowering. Sessions that Shaela offers are to help people get closer to their own truth, empowerment, life and more.


Other information:

Sometimes people ask specific definitive questions about the future. Shaela Noella has noticed that the future, or destiny, depend on a variety of circumstances and have the ability to change. Thus, there is never a “for sure,” definite or defined reading for questions about the future. Future readings offer possibilities or perspectives to carry forward.

Sometimes people ask questions on the behalf of others, Shaela Noella prefers not to answer those types of questions unless the other people have given Shaela Noella their permission, or permission from their spirit.

If anyone ever asks Shaela Noella to perform work on someone in a way that is harmful or vengeful, Shaela will DECLINE. This is not work on behalf of the highest good for all. Traditionally, this is known as “black magic” or “ill will” and is very unsafe, dangerous for anyone involved. She would mostly likely suggest forgiveness to the person feeling vengeful or have to discontinue working with them. Shaela Noella works with the intent of the highest good for all, in the name of healing, love and light, and tho she is also human and learning, she strives to work in integrity for the good of all. She honors and loves all people from all walks of life, genders, ages, races and is no way discriminating against any “type” of people. However, Shaela Noella reserves the right to refuse to work with anyone if she doesn’t feel it is in either their highest good, or if they are treating her unkindly.