Noella Roselena carries the magic of laughter, song, nature flower essences, and the ability to communicate with the spirit world. Many of these gifts awakened in her on the Big Island of Hawaii, travels and tours through the Western States, Latin America, and working with Shamanas, Teachers, Mentors, Compassionate Benevolent Helping Spirits and Nature Spirits. She continues to seek and share wisdom to grow spiritually and live life fully. Shaela Noella’s ancestry  is of the Pueblo, Apache, Spanish, German, Scottish, Irish and she believes that her life is a walking prayer of healing the energies of both the repressed and repressors in her ancestral line. Shaela Noella’s regular prayer or intent is to work in the highest good for all beings everywhere. 

Connection to Song:

Shaela Noella sang in elementary school and in church but never felt comfortable with her voice. Until she was 18; while practicing a spiritual meditation that included chanting: she found her singing voice. Within 5 years a love for performing started and she began traveling around with the band Alma Melodiosa. A few years later she went to the Hawaii and starting gigging solo and putting together a few groups: A Blissful Moment (3 friends that knew they would just be around for a blissful moment) and the Mermaid Minstrels  (an interchanging group of women that all wrote their own songs- to perform they would sit in a semi circle and pass the guitar down the line- accompanying each other vocally. When she moved to Colorado she formed a variety of different musical groups: Las Curanderas (world folk music), Sumati (kirtan music), Sister Winds Ensemble and Medicine Weavers (acapella groups). She also founded the Sister Winds Festival,  a transformational gathering celebrating the divine feminie through women-led music, mindfulness and movement. Currently most of her musical inspiration emerges in helping people find their singing voice and leading online song circles. There is hope to record more music! Links to some of her music….

Connection to Spirit:

Shaela Noella is a believer in belief, and honors all religions and belief systems. She was raised as Christian, with a beautiful connection to spirituality. In her 20’s, someone opened her eyes to the vast spiritual world, it was then she decided that she was connected to spirituality yet did not have a specific religion. She connects with spirituality especially through nature and song.

Shaela may have heard a variety of spirits in her childhood and teen years, but she would often ignore, not pay attention or give much energy to it (for it was too vast and scary for her). Yet when her fascination for creating nature flower essences opened up she began to hear the plants communicate with her, and spirit guides around the plant kingdom. At first she didn’t know who it was communicating to her but through time she was able to identify if it was the voice of a guide, plant or nature deva. Tho she did not feel comfortable talking with any other spirits unless they were nature spirits, even though she could hear others them at times; she would try to keep the “spirit gates” or “portals” closed; for she was not sure what to do with certain information or the immense amount of energy, or spirits flying around. 

In different times in her life she found when people mentioned a deceased relative, friend or beloved- she could then hear their voice, and sometimes see imagery, of the one that passed. It was quite intimidating and she didn’t know what to do with it. Over time and life experiences she found that if she was able to relay some messages to the deceased or to the living it could help both parties attain more peace, or truth or understanding. When she realized it could be a service to help people; she thought it could perhaps be a blessing rather than a rare freak situation.

A turning point for Shaela and acceptance that her ability to hear the spirits was a gift and not a curse came after studying with some shamans that were very comfortable and not afraid of communicating to the spirit realm. Witnessing them lead ceremonies, workshops and teachings; Shaela then felt like she, herself, wasn’t so weird to hear voices of the spirits. She also learned that unhelpful spirits feed off of fear, so the best thing to do is to not be scared of them. She began being more open to talking with spirits she felt that were of the love and light or benevolent, compassionate and helpful. In one of her communications with the helpful spirits they told Shaela- make an offering of song to have a sacred reciprocation for receiving guidance from us. She prefers to keep her spirit gates closed, and only open them up for sessions, healing wok or ceremonies. She opens up the spirit gates with song, the song is also a clearing or opening of her field and the client she is working with – plus an offering to the benevolent compassionate helping spirits. She finds that its too overwhelming, ungrounding and scattering for her to have the spirit gates open all the time, and prefers to open and close them with loving intentions so that they aren’t always open. 

Song, singing, drums, rattles, and flutes are her allies in Song Spirit Medicine Sessions; shamanic journeys, past life readings, ancestral readings and soul retrieval work. She has had some amazing mentors, teachers and inspirations on her life path-  yet her specific modality of Song Spirit Medicine sessions comes from life experience, and guidance from benevolent, helping, compassionate spirit guides. 

Connection to Medicine:

“Medicine” is a very broad word today from “western medicine” to “alternative medicine” to “psychedelic plant medicine” to “herbal medicines” and beyond . For Shaela Noella when she uses the word medicine in relation to her work: it often encompasses herbal medicine or energetic healing remedies, words or songs. Shaela Noella was also raised by her mother who is a midwife and treated most things with herbal remedies, and her father would also take her to beautiful places to hike or camp when she was young. Since a very young age she has loved herbs, flowers and nature.

In 2002 she dove into creating nature flower essences, vibrational remedies, instructed from the plant spirits. At the time she was living a majority outdoors on the big island of Hawaii. The energy of nature and the gift of Hawaii’s beauty fine tuned her connection to what is beyond the common eye. Spiritually she felt very connected and awakened by Hawaii’s energy. She began to hear the plants communicate with her, and spirit guides around the plant kingdom. Plant and spirit taught with a few human mentors along the way. Her first mentor, Patricia Gleason gave her books to read on flower essences, and she helped her in her flower essence store. But what the books said was just a portal into the vastness of what the nature spirits said. She felt very comfortable speaking with the helpful nature spirits. She listened and followed guidance in creating a vast array of nature flower essences (, and has been making people intuitive custom blends ever since.

In 2006 Noella moved to Boulder, Colorado. There she studied at the School of Natural Medicine and became certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner and Essential Oil Therapist. Other endeavors in Boulder were gardening, and working with Marco Lamb developing Colorado Flower Earthstar Farm essences. She also worked with children and continued the development of her essence practice. Shaela Noella’s passion for flower essences and music opened around the same time. She spent many years going to festivals, concerts; either having a booth to sell her products, performing music, or both.