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Shaela Noella is a songstress, medium, and practitioner of the healing arts.
She carries the magic of laughter, sound, and nature flower essences.
Her prayer and intent is to serve in the highest good for all beings everywhere.

Shaela Noella's Online Courses
are a wonderful way to learn from her.


                    y experience working with Noella as a true intuitive psychic has been incredibly transformative. Her ability to see into not only my outer experiences and blocked places but my internal reality, past life experiences, and energetic entanglements has helped me to navigate a pathway through. It’s like getting a past-present-future map of my whole self, so that I can be aware as I both heal and move forward in my life. 

Noella is generous, expansive in her abilities and very skilled at facilitating energetic and psychic shifts. She is compassionate and caring, and honest. Her readings have helped me feel anchored and witnessed, and also understand why and how my struggles play out, and how to transform them. I recommend her incredibly special and powerful gifts to anyone on a journey to understanding themselves fully.”  ~Sonya

                    oella has been an instrumental force  of healing and transformation in my life. I have had spiritual guidance sessions with Noella over the 10 odd years, always at critical junctures in my life. At times I have been in crisis, heartbroken, or lost in direction, struggling with health challenges or spiritual ones. At other times I have been stronger and clearer but still uncertain about which direction to move. 

Unfailingly, these sessions have always left me with a level of clarity, tranquility and inspiration I was seeking. I walk away from our sessions feeling more myself and more capable of meeting my life.
Noella channels her guidance with kindness and a commitment to the light, always sharing only what she feels will best serve us at the time. The insight I have received in these sessions has helped bring me back to center when I’ve lost my way and they have also accelerated me in the direction of my deepest dreams.  I have found wisdom, confirmation, and inspiration through this guidance.  
I cannot recommend Noella’s work highly enough, for those who are ready to know themselves more truly and deeply, to move through old pain and step into their most radiant expansive selves.  Noella, is the real deal.”  ~Olivia 

                    haela’s connection to intuitive,  extensive, and rare to possess. I appreciate her effort to communicate what she hears and sees with as little of her own interpretation—a true practice in patience and humility. Her reverence for Spirit, my guides, and ancestors allows me to feel seen and comfortable calling in their wisdom. I first met Shaela while at a cross-roads in my life and was amazed by the detail and specificity of the guidance that came through, and have continued working with her for over three years. ~Michael