One of Shaela’s Medicines is Song: here you will find songs she recorded and ways she loves to help others find their song, or singing voice.

We are multifaceted beings and there are often various reasons why someone might have a blockage or fear in their singing voice or not enjoy their speaking voice. 

Opening the Voice supports you in exploring and expanding your singing voice, unlocking blockages in the throat, mind, and heart, and gaining tools and practices for strengthening the voice—all held within a container of playful curiosity and joy. Cultivate and refine your personal power and expression with Shaela Noella’s guidance and insights. Group classes and one on one sessions are available. Super beginners, beginners and all levels welcome! 

Book your session now to begin releasing more of yourself and sharing your gifts with your world, and the world at large. In these times the truth of all individuals are needed and welcomed to be ignited and expressed!

20 min Singing/Vocal assessment:

 This session is for those who want to see if Shaela is a good match and
to explore which one of her offerings would best suit you.

6 week Opening the Voice Program:

For beginning singers, or those who feel shy or want to find 

more confidence in their speaking or singing voice. 



Three 30 mins recorded practices to practice 1-3 times a week

Three 30 min 1:1 coaching sessions 


Personal 1:1 Sessions:

1 hour personal Singing or Vocal Coaching : $122

Series of 3: one hour personal sessions: $300

Series of 6: one hour personal sessions: $500

The Gift of Song Recordings

by Shaela Noella​